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Virtual Orienteering Courses

Orienteering anytime using smartphone GPS with the MapRun app

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MapRun is a free app that allows you to run a course without any physical infrastructure on the ground instead your position is recorded by the phones’ GPS. You can run solo anytime and your time can be compared with others. It is perfect for private fitness and technique training.

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Permanent Orienteering Courses

Orienteering anytime

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These courses have permanent markers at control  points (also known as check points) with a code and an orienteering logo attached. All the controls are shown on an overprinted orienteering map that you can download from the BO website or obtain on site (see individual POC details).
Watch a video of the use of permanent courses here

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Club News

Update on Forthcoming Events

Nick Betts at CSC on 17 March, Source:Rob Lines

Regular orienteers and newcomers to the sport will be waiting for lockdown restrictions to be lifted so we can get back in the forest. As soon as we can we will restart regular orienteering events so keep watching the website for updates....

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MapRun News

New versions of MapRun apps are now available

A new version of MapRunF called MapRun6 has been launched. For Garmin GPS watch users there is also a new version of the MapRunG .

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On-line coaching

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Get ready to return to the forest??

We are organising a series of four coaching events. Check the details in the 'events' list and let Brendon know if you would like to take part

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Saxons quiz round 2

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26 Feb 2021

Another chance to compete in your armchair. Brendon is hosting this second Kahoot quiz. Let him know if you can take part.

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Coaching tips

Find out more about basic orienteering techniques

Basic techniques

And don't forget the info for more advanced orienteers here

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DFOK autumn/winter/spring challenge series

Don't forget, our neighbours DFOK have set up a series of monthly Maprun events, running through to April. Details can be found on their website: www.dfok.co.uk

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Saxons Summer Challenge Series

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Well done to all those who took part, see final leaderboard

Guide to MapRun is here

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How did you get on with the Trail O photo O competition?

Trosley Country Park bluebells, Source:

Solutions to second competition now available

For this competition we had more success in getting the correct answers!

Congratulations to all who took part

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