AGM novelty event results

Sun 1 Dec 2019

Results from Saturday's retro event.

I hope everyone enjoyed going back to the 1990s. It seems that having to copy down the course from master maps and using pin punches still didn't slow down Brendon or Ffion, the winners of the long and short courses. Only two people managed to punch the wrong boxes on their control card and had to explain at the finish what had happened. Don't worry - this was a regular occurrence - and added to the "fun" of checking the control cards at the end of the day. A few of the punches were a little faint but just about legible. One person didn't punch at one of the controls. However, seeing as it was the one at the second master maps, I'll be generous and won't disqualify you this time Peter.



The original map and the results on the long course from 1997 are shown. The long course on Saturday ran the first 9 controls from the old map but in reverse order (the start and finish were originally at the E end of the Park). The short course ran just the first part of this.

The course length back in 1997 was 4.6 km and 190 m of climb. I spared you the full climb up the scarp slope that was at the end of the second loop 24 seasons ago.

As for the results, the winning time for a course that had an extra 800 m distance and 100 m of climb was 31:36. That's 98 seconds faster than Brendon achieved on the shortened course on Saturday. However, everyone was a lot younger - look at the number of M&W21s in the results - and Steve Bird as the winner did beat Nick Barrable by over 2 minutes.

Talking of Nick, he is just one of many familiar names on the results list. And the planner back in 1997 was Mark Glaisher. So, Peter, Jeremy and Mark all had an advantage over the rest of you but only if they have exceptional memories.

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