Saltwood and HytheAnytime Orienteering

Course Type: Virtual Urban

Terrain type: Urban

Location Info

Near: Hythe
Lat,Lng: 51.07095,1.08378
What3Words: ///dots.washroom.alerting

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Directions / Parking

The nearest car park is on Mount Street. Post Code CT21 5NT. W3W: question.liver.chap. The car park is open 24 hours and charges £1.20 for three hours. Charges apply every day. Alternatively, you can find free parking in the roads south of the start.


This is a coastal hinterland course that boasts myriad narrow paths, a castle, mine workings, wild flower meadows, Napoleonic fortifications and seagulls.

Map / Terrain

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Course Information

The Start and Finish are located at the Prospect Road Road Sign and Lamp post adjacent to the south-western pedestrian exit from the carpark. It's pretty obvious from the race map.

The course is a 30 control score course with a 60 minute time limit. i.e. do as many controls as you can, in any order, within the 60 min time limit. Control descriptions are on the map, note the “O” symbol is for a lamp post.

MapRun Directory Path

UK/Kent/Saltwood and Hythe PXAS ScoreV60


There are loos on the junction of Stade Road and Western Parade, CT21-6DU. W3W: lavender.sunroof.parsnips. There are also toilets at Chapel Street, CT21-5BE. W3W: twigs.wrist.mural.

Interesting Bits
If you’re just out for some sightseeing orienteering, check out CP18 for Saltwood Castle, CP19 Pretty Church and Commonwealth Graves, CP16 for a great view, CP14 for Ragstone mine workings, CP15 for Wildflower meadow, CP11 and 8 for Military canal, CP12 Hollyhock bedecked steep path.

Safety Notes

Some of the paths in the old part of town are narrow and steepish, but pretty and quiet. Please take care. A fair number of the Checkpoints are along unmetalled footpaths. You may encounter dog walkers, cows and possibly cyclists. Knobbly shoes should not be necessary unless there’s been torrential rain recently, but I would recommend a shoe with a little tread. There are no shiggy bits to be navigated, so shorts/vests will be fine too.

The A258 bisects the lower part of the map. It is busy, but has convenient safe crossing points. Other minor roads have pavements except for a couple of narrow roads in the old part of Hythe (access traffic only).
On the map you will see a few red Forbidden Route crosses. The double crosses denote a piece of busier narrow bendy road without footpath. Please don’t use it, but make use of the footpaths nearby.
Please be careful exiting CP3 onto the road. Traffic may be moving fast. There is no pavement and it is possible to blunder out into the road if you’re not paying attention. On the other side of the road there is a stair leading up to the lefthand service road. The service road has a pavement and is home to much slower residential traffic.

Out of Bounds

The Forbidden Route crosses between CP24 and CP25 denote a private path to a school - you can’t use it. The area hidden beneath the control descriptions (between CP1 and 2) is a Military Firing Range. Don’t stray off the map or you will be shot.

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