Tonbridge and HaysdenAnytime Orienteering

Course Type: Virtual Urban

Terrain type: Parkland & Urban

Location Info

Near: Tonbridge
Lat,Lng: 51.19716,0.27392

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Directions / Parking

Car park off "The Slade"

Map / Terrain

Scale 1: 10,000
Contours: 10m
Control descriptions on the map. Produced with Open Orienteering Map.

Download the Senior Map, Junior Map and Info Sheet

Course Information

Two courses:

Senior- 29 controls in Haysden Country Park and surrounding streets and castle in Tonbridge.

Junior – 10 controls within the park, no road crossings.

60 minute score courses.
i.e. visit as many of the 30 control points as you can, in any order, and be back to register the finish within 60 mins.
Scoring: 20 points per control, 10 points deducted per minute, or part minute, after 60 min limit.

Results link

MapRun Directory Path

UK/Kent/Tonbridge/Tonbridge and Haysden PXAS Score V60

Safety Notes

Take care crossing roads.

Note road crossing point marked (advisory) on map.

Beware of roots and other trip hazards on and off paths.

The map is produced from open source data so may contain errors or omissions. If a route appears to be private go another way.

It is your responsibility to keep safe, avoid traffic and maintain social distancing. This is just for fun – do not take risks.

Any problems with the course please contact

This Challenge is not an organised event or activity. You do the Challenge as an individual for personal training and you are responsible for both your own safety and the safety of others around you.

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