Delightful forest at Clairmarais

Saxons international day trip to France

Sun 14 May 2017


​The internet, and 'world of O' website in particular, makes it easier to gauge what unfamiliar O terrain will be like. Sarah Howes reckoned Clairmarais looked promising, and this prompted a Saxons international trip. Just N of St Omer, about an hour from the shuttle terminal, was an area of natural and managed forest with lakes and dry ditches - no brambles or nettles! Four made the trip, Sarah, Bohdan Rainczuk, Graham Denney and I. We all chose to do the 'Violet - court' course, 5.6km TD5. 

Apart from needing a couple of gravel track runs to avoid some green forest blocks, the Planner made good use of the area. With a leisurely lunch in St Omer to follow, all concluded it had been a good trip, and we'll keep a lookout for similar opportunities, hoping others might like to try this.

Mark Glaisher

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