Boring AGMs??

Not with Saxons!

Thu 29 Nov 2018

The business meeting was concluded within an hour and it was then on to other things......

The first being an orienteering event!

16 brave souls tackled the Crossword Score Event at the AGM Fun Event held at Lorenden Trustlands on 24th November 2018.  Competitors had 5 minutes to complete the crossword task before heading out to collect as many correct words as they could. Competitors were allocated a handicapped time to complete the score event, and normal KNC penalty system for late finishers applied. 

In spite of being allocated the shortest time of 23 minutes, Alan Hickling romped home to victory, with a winning word combination of Exit, Thumb, Map, Pit, and LIDAR.  In joint second place were Graham Thomas, Austin Howe, and Sam Prior, each with a total of 16 points.  Graham had the most time in hand relative to his handicap allowance, with Sam timing her effort to perfection with just 1 second in hand.  3rd was a tremendous effort from Ruben and Mike Solomon, scoring 14 points.

The wooden spoon award goes to Roger Pring who happily ran around for 31 and a half minutes with his letter combination being LEXNAKSDR! Had to be in the right order Roger!  

The most use words were Map, (8 times), Pit, (7 times) and Thumb, (6 times).  The only word not attempted was Saxon!



Thanks to Alison and Brendon Howe for planning this fun event. 

Next on the menu was a buffet organised by Bery Pring and much chatting about tactics/old courses/interesting maps etc. We had tidied up and were on our way home around 14.30. So next year don't think 'I can't be bothered with a boring AGM' and come and join us.

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