Compass Sport Cup results

Sun 17 Mar 2019

Misplacement of control 45 at today's Compass Sport Cup competition

Misplacement of control 45 at today's Compass Sport Cup competition

Many of you will already be very aware that regrettably control 45 was misplaced today and many competitors were affected, some considerably so, hence I have carefully considered British Orienteering Rules - Appendix A sections 7.9 and 7.10. The options are to 1) void course(s), 2) reinstate any missing punches so competitors are not disqualified but otherwise let the race results stand or 3) remove legs either side of the misplaced control.

Taking into consideration that it is 1) a Level B event, 2) six courses were affected 3) voiding courses would mean a lower number of competitors would count for the Cup and Trophy scores introducing other fairness issues 4) the split times which show that several competitors did not have a time recorded for control 45 and 5) the percentage of each course that would be being disregarded if the legs either side of control 45 were voided, my conclusion is that the fairest and only realistic approach is to remove the leg to 45 and the leg from 45 on all 6 courses affected.

The results will be produced on this basis pending any protest; although I very much hope that everyone will accept that the decison to respond to this error in this way is not based on the affect on the competition results and is, after a great deal of advice from the potential jury members, the only sensible response that does not effectively throw away a great deal of effort on the part of the competitors and the organisers which made today such an otherwise fantastic event.

I should add that the Controller today concurs with my view.

Thank you all very much for coming to the event today. I hope that the above control misplacement did not overly detract from your enjoyment of orienteering in Ashdown Forest today.

Graham Thomas

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