CompassSport Final weekend: a successful Club trip!

30 Saxons visited Dartmoor for this inclusive competition

Mon 23 Oct 2017

Training opportunity & Club meal on Saturday, competition on Sunday. A course win and top half finish on our first appearance.

The competition format is arranged so that any club member can take part - there's no team selection. The puzzle for the Team Captain is to get the best match of runners to courses - thanks, Brendon, for support with the analysis and selection.

Devon was the organising club, and the competition area, at the edge of Dartmoor, had a real variety of terrain. The plateau section was fast, but with many small thickets and indistinct paths, needed care. It included wooded areas with small-scale complex mine excavations. In contrast there were some really steep slopes down to a river, with point features to locate. The mapping and course planning was well done, I thought.

Our best result was by Sarah Howes, joint first on the Green W course, and there were good performances on other courses, too. Mention must be made of those who were prepared to compete on courses beyond their normal comfort zone - thank you.

This trip was a first for all of us, and it was nice to have both old and new faces making the journey.

Next year the qualifying round is on 17th March in Ashdown Forest, so we will be looking for a good turnout and the chance to reach the Final again!

Photos courtesy Alan Hickling


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