AGM and novelty event at Trosley

Sat 30 Nov 2019

Type of event: Other
Type of terrain: Woodland

Info updated: Thu 28 Nov


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Two courses: long (3.8 km) & short (2.3 km).


This year is the 25th season of the Kent Orienteering League (or Saxons Saturday Series as it was known up until the mid-2000s). To celebrate, we're taking you back to the mid 1990s and running an event as it was done back then. The control sites in use are all taken from an event in season 2 (unfortunately, I don't have a map from the 1st season). Surprisingly little adjustment has been needed to the placement of the controls given the fact that over 20 years has passed since the original event.


So, what are the differences between then and now:

Controls - electronic punching is still years away, so pin punches and control cards will be used. You will have the luxury of Tyvek cards which won't disintegrate if it rains, unlike the paper ones normally used at the smaller events such as these. So, no need to bring a control card protector (anyone still have any?) - just pin it to your O top or carry it with you.

Map - This will be printed on standard A4 paper. Waterproof paper was very occasionally used at bigger events. But even at these, most of the time the maps were printed on normal paper, placed in a plastic sleeve and heat-sealed. Therefore, some form of protection will be required if the weather is wet - an A4 plastic pocket should suffice. I'll bring some spares in case anyone forgets.

Maps (again) - The course won't be pre-printed on the map and you will have to copy it down from a master map (in race time). Red pens will be useful - the colour contrasts well with the standard map colours. These will hopefully be provided and may even work.

The map will probably not be up to date either. Printing was done externally and in bulk after each major update. The same version was used until either stock ran low or the next re-survey and update was carried out. Expect to have some map corrections to make before you run (red pens will be useful - see above).

Timing - Without Sportident dibbers, timing will be done using a stopwatch/wrist watch. Expect to receive a raffle ticket when you finish. This matches you to a finish time recorded on a sheet of paper.

Results - no fancy scrolling display of results on a laptop. Once you've calculated your own race time on the "stub" from your control card, these will be hung on a piece of string (commonly referred to as a washing line).

Control checking will be done by comparing your control card to a master prepared by the planner as the controls are put out. Also, because the end of the course overlaps the first part, expect to have to copy down the later part of your course at a 2nd master map (red pens ....). This was done to ensure that runners (probably) visited the controls in the correct sequence. The alternative to this was to make someone stand out in the forest and check the control cards of every competitor as they passed (a manned control).

Control descriptions won't be printed on the map. Paper descriptions will be available at the start (part 1 only) with part 2 at the second master map. These will be text descriptions only - no fancy IOF control codes because the Word processers available to most people back then didn't have the facility to include these.

Important Information

Safety and Risk: A comprehensive risk assessment will have been carried out by the organiser, but participants take part at their own risk and are responsible for their own safety during the event.

Ticks and Lyme Disease: Ticks are common in areas where we go orienteering, more information about ticks.

Training and help is available from qualified coaches. Please contact the organiser.

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