Saxons New Years Day event

Mote Park, Maidstone

Sat 1 Jan 2022

Welcome to the first event of Saxons 50th Anniversary year.

Come and run/walk away some of your excess festive calories

Type of event: Local, Score
Type of terrain: Parkland

Info updated: Sun 2 Jan


Event Report

Sunshine and orienteering - a great start to 2022.  So many newcomers on the Short Score course - we hope you enjoyed it and we will see you other events through the year. A real brain teaser for the long score with dumbells and a changeover control making planning the best route a real challenge.

A big thank you to the control collectors Peter Martin, Graham Denny, Phillip Norris & Sean Cronin. Unfortunately I sent Peter, Graham & Phillip without gripple keys, only Sean spotting my error. So massive thank you to them for putting a brave face and happily going out a second time.

Finally, if anyone is missing a jacket, please contact the organiser.

Pre Event Info


Nearest town: Maidstone

Directions / Parking

Parking will be in the main car park off Mote Road. Follow the signs to the park from the A20. There is a £2 car parking charge.

Public Transport options

Maidstone East and West stations are within walking distance

Registration & Start Times

Registration in advance only. No entry on the day.

Starts will be from 11.00-11.15

Courses close 12:30pm - after which controls will be collected.

Course Information

There will be two courses on offer:

Short score: there will be 20 controls/checkpoints in the park. Visit as many as you can in any order within 1 hour. 10 points allocated per control visited and 5 points deducted for every minute you are late back.

Long score: 20 controls in 2 series. Visit as many in one series as you want before changing to the second series. There will be a compulsory changeover control. This control will not count towards your overall score. There will also be 2 sets of 'dumbbells' to make the course more of a challenge for experienced fast runners. There will be an additional10 points for completing each dumbbell 94 to 95 (or 95 to 94) and 106 to 107 (or 107 to 106) with no intermediate controls. 10 points allocated per control visited making a max total of points 220. 10 points will be deducted for every minute you are late back.

Explanation of Score courses

You don't have to visit all the controls! There is usually a time limit, instead of a set course. Points are scored for visiting controls, and deducted for finishing over the time limit. You decide which controls to visit, and in which sequence. Sometimes controls have different points values. You will need to carry a watch or phone, so you know how long you have been out.

Entry Details

Entry will be in advance only via racesignup. Link is here. If you need help or advice please contact our coach Brendon Howe in advance of the event ()

Terrain Description

Mote Park covers over 450 acres. It has woodland, grassland, rivers, a 30 acre lake and children's play area.


Public toilets in the park

Dogs allowed?

Dogs under control welcome

Contacts / Officials

planner: Bohdan Rainczuk

Important Information

Health, safety and other important information related to events.

If you have pre-existing helath issues that you feel the organiser should know about please fill in this medical form.



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On event day turn up for your allocated start slot

Please move away from the map box after collecting your map.

At control sites do not touch the control, and move through quickly.

Do not congregate at the Finish.

At Download please get your breath back and recover before downloading.

Saxons volunteers are very happy to help beginners understand the courses, maps and timing equipment used at our events. To get advice please contact at least 3 days before the event, or go to our Facebook page and ask questions there. It may be possible to arrange for somoene to meet you before your start.

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