How did you get on with the Trail O photo O competition?

Solutions to second competition now available

Mon 25 May 2020

For this competition we had more success in getting the correct answers!

Congratulations to all who took part

This was initially produce by the Hong Kong O club and was used at the White Rose event in 2019. My thanks to Margaret Parker for providing the files.

There are 25 photos each showing a cluster of control kites

Using the information on each photo decide which kite matches both the control description and is in the centre of the circle on the map extract

Note: there are no Zero (Z) answers

In Trail O (and this Photo O) the Control Descriptions are interpreted as usual with 2 exceptions:

Col B shows the number of kites in the cluster

Col H may show the direction of viewing

Download the file here

Answers are here

Solutions are here

Congratulations to Simon Greenwood, Richard Field and Alan Hickling who tied with 24 correct answers each (each got a different problem incorrect!).

Mike Solomon had 23 correct, David Kingdon 22 correct and Jean Fitzgerald needs more practise with 19 correct.

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