Club Development Plan

Published: Sun 23 Jul 2023

Below is the Development report from 2021.

Download the report as a PDF

Online Entry System

- As we emerge from COVID restrictions, it was decided to continue to use racesignup for

all future SAXON events and to continue with ‘in advance’ entries only given the advantages delivered. Some changes implemented to mitigate any perceived downsides

- Standard 60 minute score with 21 control any order format, 7 easy, 7 medium and 7 hard. 5 points penalty for every minute or part minute late

Objectives for 2022 KOL and Summer Series. Agreed in principle with Saxons committee, to be further discussed with DFOK.

- Extend Summer Series starting earlier in June, and extending later into September
- Combined Summer Series with DFOK, each club to offer 4 events if possible with

a consistent format agreed

- KOL season to start in October versus September with season to finish May. The same 10 events to be scheduled over shorter window.

- Plan to add coaching training sessions in the afternoon of Saxon KOL’s utilising the

existing controls in the terrain, and taking advantage of planning, and organisation already completed for the KOL event, (eg parking, permissions etc)

Junior Development

- Seek to expand across further Scout Groups

- Bring together the various threads of schools development