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Published: Thu 3 Aug 2023

These have some permanent control checkpoints but may also have additional virtual courses and checkpoints that you can use with your smartphone via the MapRun App.

These courses are predominantly set in parkland areas across Kent and are suitable for families, beginners and improving orienteers.

Download a map from the Saxons website, or from the GOOrienteering website and try to find as many of the permanent checkpoints as you can.

Alternatively, download the MapRun app and try the many virtual courses that are set up at many of the locations as part of a Sport England funded Find Your Way project. There are score courses and line courses to choose from. Simply download the MapRun app onto a smartphone, print a copy of the map and go and have a run!

How it works

To do a MapRun simply load the app, select a course, print a paper map (you can use the map on the phone screen but this is not ideal) and go to the start. When the GPS detects that you have reached the start it bleeps and your time has started. Continue round the course passing though each control location where it bleeps and back to the finish. The GPS bleep is often instantaneous but you may have to pause for 5-10 secs (longer under trees or other cover). Once completed your results and route are automatically loaded to the leaderboard and can be compared with others.

For more information see this MapRun guide

And for additional tips: Hints,Tips and How-tos page

Within the MapRun app these courses are located under UK/Find Your Way/FYW Kent and then a geographic sub-folder. The long course name (e.g.....PXAS ScoreV60) is as shown on the app, the extra terms define the scoring rules (e.g. 60 min score). We share the Kent folder with our neighbouring club DFOK who also have a range of MapRuns, see their site: DFOK Mapruns.

Find Your Way is a Sport England funded project to get more people active in their local spaces through virtual orienteering activities.
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