Kent Night Cup

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Sat 26 Sep 2015

The Kent Night Cup Series runs during the winter months, with events organised by Saxons, DFOK, Southdowns Orienteers and Mole Valley.

The standard format is a Thursday night score event with a mass start at 7.30pm, held weekly. There is a mix of forest and street events. Typically there is an opportunity for apres-o at a nearby hostelry, for the presentation of the results and (novelty) prizegiving. The results count towards the KNC League, updated on the Saxons website. Newcomers are welcome! Minimum equipment is a torch and SI dibber (dibbers can be hired on the night).

Please note: Safety considerations and British Orienteering insurance limitations mean that Juniors must be 16+ to compete individually in the Street events.

Please check the Saxons website a few days before the event in case of late amendments eg due to poor weather.

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