Kent Orienteering League

Sat 26 Sep 2015

Kent Orienteering League events are organised by Saxons and DFOK and take place on Saturday mornings. A range of courses are available to suit all abilities including newcomers with no experience.

All necessary equipment can be borrowed at the event.  We suggest you contact the organising club a few days before the event to say you are a newcomer. We can then arrange for someone to meet you to explain everything. Alternatively speak to an official at the event.

Courses: Four courses are available at each event. These are labelled A, B, C & D and will be of Blue, Light Green, Orange and Yellow standards respectively. All events share identical registration and start times and fees, and use SportIdent electronic punching.

League tables:

A - Short blue

B - Light Green

C - Orange

D - Yellow


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Schools Cup: Junior competitors can score points for their school. All School Cup results and updated school league tables will be made available shortly after the event. The school with the most points at the end of the league will be awarded the KOL Schools Cup. Keep an eye on the Juniors Page for updates relevant to Juniors and the Schools Cup.

The latest league table is here:

Schools League


Previous years

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