Kent Orienteering League 21/21 started on 11 September

Fri 3 Sep 2021

A new season of KOL events commenced on 11 September at Hargate in Tunbridge Wells.  All new season, online entry, and a sparkling new line up of courses! Keep watching the website for updates.

With the 20/21 season, or what there was of it, behind us - let's hope for a more uninterupted 21/22 season!  Not all things COVID related have been bad, with the birth of racesignup being one of the silver linings.  Hopefully the online entry system will continue to prove a benefit to orienteers and volunteering clubs alike.

For the new season, we can reveal a few changes to the KOL course line up to spice up the competition, with these changes being rolled out across all 10 KOL's run by SAX and DFOK.  There will still be 4 line courses, but Light Green is being replaced with a Green course which we hope will better suit our experienced orienteers who prefer a shorter course than the standard Blue.

The Score course will replace the gap the Light Green course used to fill, with the course being included as an official part of the overall KOL.  Whether it is improving orienteers not quite ready for the full technical difficulty of a Green or Blue course, or Adult beginners or groups, the Score course can cater to a variety of technical abilities with 7 easy controls, 7 medium, and 7 hard.  Collect them in any order, (or follow a suggested sequence), all with a 60 minute time limit. 10 point per control, but beware, 5 points deducted for every minute or part minute late back.  As for the line courses, best 5 results count to your overall score.  All that remains is to see who will emerge victorious to claim the first KOL Score title! 

With a healthy dose of luck, (and a good couple of doses of Pfizer or AZ), here's looking forward to a full season of the Kent Orienteering League.

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