KNC League and the impact of inter-tier travel advice

Important news for KNC regulars

Thu 3 Dec 2020

The latest guidance from British Orienteering about travel into a Tier 3 area is:- 

‘People should not travel into or out of tier 3 areas (very high alert) in order to participate or volunteer in an orienteering activity or event’.



The KNC programme includes events in areas with different tiers, making it difficult to have a fair League competition.


It is hoped that the tier 2 / tier 3 issues will only affect a very limited number of KNC events. In this case the Results from these events will be deleted from the League. Angley Wood (tier 3) on 10 December will be one of them.


If the difference in tiers continues, the likelihood is that eligibility for the League will change, and it will only include Kent based orienteers. The Angley results will be included.


I have consulted with the KNC representatives in DFOK, SO and MV on this. We realise that we cannot anticipate every eventuality.


Mark Glaisher

KNC coordinator

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