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Mon 4 May 2020

MapRun is a free app that allows you to run a course without any physical infrastructure on the ground instead your position is recorded by the phones’ GPS. You can run solo anytime and your time can be compared with others. It is perfect for private fitness and technique training during lockdown.

Important...During Covid-19 lockdown MapRun courses may be suitable for solo running but it is essential that everybody follows current social distancing and travel rules. Please ensure that any venue (especially a public park) is open for recreational running.
MapRun challenges are not organised events or activities and are not registered with British Orienteering hence you are not covered by British Orienteering insurance. You do MapRun as an individual for private training and you are responsible for your own safety and the the safety of others around you.

About MapRun...To do a MapRun simply load the app, select a course, print a paper map (you can use the map on the phone screen but this is not ideal) and go to the start. When the GPS detects that you have reached the start it bleeps and your time has started. Continue round the course (usually 60 min score course) passing though each control location where it bleeps and back to the finish. The GPS bleep is often instantaneous but you may have to pause for 5-10 secs (longer under trees or other cover). Once completed your results and route are automatically loaded to the leaderboard and can be compared with others.

For more information see this MapRun guide

Saxons Summer Challenge...Well done to everyone who completed MapRuns this year and well done to the leading man, Brendon Howe, and leading lady, Alison Howe.

The series was a great success, with 57 separate competitors. A particular well done to 4 orienteers who completed all 10 MapRuns: Alan Hickling, David Float, Beryl Pring and Roger Pring.

If you've not had a chance to complete any of these courses, these are still up on the MapRunF app/site and you're result will be displayed on their page (but not in the league results).

See also news item "Saxons Summer Challenge"


Note, the long course name (e.g.....PXAS ScoreV60) is as shown on the app, the extra terms define the scoring rules (e.g. 60 min score).


NEW Phone missed a control? or want to use your GPS watch? see Hints,Tips and How-tos page


Click here for...Saxons Summer Challenge Final Leaderboard League your total from n/2 MapRuns.


Saxons Summer Challenge MapRuns

Postcode is for suggested parking area




closing date

Map Leaderboard




Saltwood and Hythe


Saltwood and Hythe PXAS ScoreV60


CT21 5NT

W3W: question.liver.chap

Challenge closed but can still be run. SSC10 map

Challenge 10 results



Ongoing Live Leaderboard

30 control, 60 min score course in a new and interesting area.

Details and safety info here.


Vinters and Maidstone East


Vinters and Maidstone East SXAC ScoreV60


ME14 5EH


w3w: wink.allow.most

Challenge closed but can still be run. SSC9 map

Challenge 9 results



Ongoing Live Leaderboard

Classic 20 control score course in residential and urban streets with the addition of wooded parkland.

Details, safety information and control descriptions here.


Knole Park

Knole Park Long PXAC


Knole Park Medium PXAC


TN15 0SR


w3w: burn.saints.noting

Challenge closed but can still be run.

SSC8 Map Long


SSC8 Map Medium

Challenge 8 results



Ongoing Live Leaderboard LONG


Ongoing Live Leaderboard


A choice of two linear courses in woodland and park terrain.

Details here

To request copies of the courses on proper orienteering maps mail:



Canterbury PZ0122072020 PXAS ScoreV60








Challenge closed but can still be run. SSC7 Map

Challenge 7 results



Ongoing Live Leaderboard

A tour of Canterbury. Up to 20 controls in any order in 60 mins (usual penalties if late). Map 1:10,000

Details, safety briefing and control descriptions here.


Tonbridge and Haysden


Score V60







Challenge closed but can still be run.

Senior Map V2


Junior Map


Challenge 6 Results




Ongoing Live Leaderboard

A course including Castle, streets and parkland in and around Tonbridge. 1,10k map. 29 controls. 60 minute score (20 points per control with 10 point penalty per minute late).

Junior course has 10 controls - no roads. 

Further details and CDs 


Ashford Parks and Streets

Ashford PZ0108072020

PXAS Score V60 




w3w: deals.tell.mugs

Challenge closed but can still be run. SSC5 Map

Challenge 5 Results




Ongoing Live Leaderboard

1:10,000 map with 30 controls. Interesting mix of housing estates, parks and city centre. 

Parking along Jemmett Road TN24-0SD.

Further details here.

SSC4 Leybourne and West Malling

Leybourne and West Malling PZ0101072020 PXAS ScoreV60

Leybourne ME19 5HF Challenge closed but can still be run. SSC4 map

Challenge 4 Results




Ongoing Live Leaderboard

A course incorporating the villages of Leybourne, Leybourne Chase and West Malling requiring a map scale of 1:12,500. Please read briefing doc for details including important safetly information and control descriptions: Briefing.



Walderslade PXAS ScoreV60


Challenge closed but can still be run. SSC3 Map v3

Challenge 3 Results




Ongoing Live Leaderboard

A very populal KNC area using the streets and wooded valleys of Walderslade. Car park is off Catkin Close via Tunbury Avenue. Start is in the NE corner of the car park. Nearest toilets are at Asda (ME5 9SE).


Tunbridge Wells Three Parks

Tunbridge Wells


Challenge closed but can still be run. SSC2 Map

Challenge 2 Results




Ongoing Live Leaderboard

Parks and roads around Tunbridge Wells starting in Dunorlan Park (parking and cafe).

60 min score, 20 controls.

20 points per control and 10 points per min penalty if late.

More description here

SSC1 Faversham

Faversham SSC1 PXAS ScoreV60


ME13 8PW

Challenge closed but can still be run. Map

Challenge 1 Results



Ongoing Live Leaderboard

Urban route around Faversham town starting in the recreation ground. Suggested parking at the swimming pool car park (charges).

60 min score course, details and control descriptions on the map.



Other MapRun courses
Course Location Map Leaderboard and routes Details

Mote Park and Shepway

MoteParkandShepway PXAS ScoreV60


ME15 8DU

Map Results

60 min score course, 20 controls.

Course covers Mote Park (avoiding the building work on the dam) and Shepway estate. Start at south edge of School Lane car park.

Milton Creek

MiltonCreek PXAS ScoreV60


ME10 2HA

Map Results

60 min score course, 20 controls

Best run with proper orienteering map available from BO POC portal. NB this does not shown start/finish location so need both maps

Dunorlan Park

Dunorlan PXAS ScoreV60

Tunbridge Wells


Map Results

60 min score course, 20 controls

Best run with proper orienteering map available on request from


Kingsdown PXAS ScoreV60

Near Deal

CT14 8AH

Map Results 60 min score course, 20 controls

Hemsted Forest

Green Training Route

Near Cranbrook

TN17 4AN

Map Instructions 4km Training Route. MapRunF Controls at start, finish and one intermediate control. Taped markers at other controls

Hemsted Forest

Short Brown Training Route

Nr Cranbrook

TN17 4AN

Map Instructions 7km Training Route. MapRunF Controls at start, finish and two intermediate controls. Other controls have taped markers only.

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