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New versions of MapRun apps are now available

Sat 6 Feb 2021

A new version of MapRunF called MapRun6 has been launched. For Garmin GPS watch users there is also a new version of the MapRunG .

The latest version of MapRun is now available in the Play Store and App Store. It is called MapRun6 and is a seperate app (rather than just an update) which can co-exist with MapRunF. You need to download it and re-enter your details and preferences. The user expreience is very similar though there are many behind-the-scenes improvements including...

  • Enhanced responsiveness when getting the initial GPS fix
  • Resolved problems with Strava upload
  • More scoring schemes
  • Improved admin tools

There is also a new version of MapRunG for Garmin watches in the Garmin Connect IQ store… Version 1.2.0.
This is a minor upgrade to include some new watch types including Forerunner 745. There may be minor font and layout changes arising from using the latest tools from Garmin.

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