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Sat 12 Sep 2015

To become a member of SAXONS Orienteering Club you must also be a member of the South East Orienteering Association and British Orienteering – the national governing body for the sport.

Annual membership runs from January to December.

You can join as a Senior member (aged 21 or older on 31 December of the membership year) or a Junior member (aged 20 or younger on 31 December of the membership year).

How much does membership cost? 

The cost is dependent on which membership type you are interested in; Senior, Junior or Family. The following table shows the cost for 2019 . A family can be either two adults or one/two adults with numerous junior members (up to 5 in the same household).

  • Senior – any member aged 21 or older on 31 December of the membership year
  • Junior – any member aged 20 or younger on 31 December of the membership year

The membership fee consists of 3 parts; The club, South East Orienteering Association and the sports governing body, British Orienteering.

  Junior Senior Family Group
Club £6 £12 £18 £25
Association £1 £3 * N/A
British Orienteering £5 £11 * N/A


* For family membership, Saxons subsidises the club part of the membership and so does not depend on the number of individuals within the family unit. However, the total cost for SEOA and BO parts depends on the total number of individuals included in the family. e.g. if there are 3 juniors the cost will be £18, to be added to the £18 Saxons part. If there is only 1 adult in the family group the SEOA and BO part will be £14; if there are 2 adults this will be £28. This total for juniors and seniors is to be added to the £18 Saxons part.


Potential Group leaders ( group) please contact the Saxons Membership Secretary for details. Group members are members of Saxons only, not SEOA or BO. 




 Benefits of membership:

  • New members will receive vouchers for:

    - a free Kent Orienteering League run at a Saxons organised event

    - a free Kent Night Cup run at a Saxons organised event

    - 10% off first purchase of Saxons Kit

    - a free whistle! 

  • At all our events there are experienced orienteers who are happy to advise on any aspect of orienteering.  However, from 2019 we are offering new members the chance to join the Saxons Buddy Scheme.  This will be an informal arrangement where newcomers can, if they wish, be matched with a more experienced orienteer to enable them to ask questions about upcoming events, which courses to try, what kit is needed and where to buy it from, and importantly someone to discuss how an event has gone.  Analysing what worked well, what didn’t, and what things you can try next time is an important part of how you can improve and get more enjoyment out of Orienteering. You can use your Buddy as little or as much as you want, and can ask to join the Buddy scheme at any time during your first year of membership.  

  • Saxons' Bi-monthly club Newsletter - SaxAlert.

  • Take part in Club Team competitions and other activities.

  • Buy Club sportswear 

  • Invitations to Club training sessions and access to club coaches.

  • The British Orienteering magazine, Focus, which includes the junior magazine Ozone (3 copies per year - one copy per postal address)
  • Discounts from national companies through the member discounts scheme (click here for a full list of discounts available)
  • The option to sign up for a range of e-newsletters
  • Eligibility to compete in the United Kingdom Orienteering League
  • Opportunity to qualify to represent your country at international competitions
  • The option to compete in a UK-wide Rankings scheme
  • Eligibility to apply for awards under the British Orienteering Badge Scheme
  • Access to a ‘Navigational Challenge’ and ‘Racing Challenge’ Incentive Scheme
  • Public Liability Insurance when participating in events and activities registered with British Orienteering
  • Papers and vote at the British Orienteering AGM


This takes you to the British Orienteering website to complete the online form. The club and association will be be pre-filled using this link, you just need to add your personal details.

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