British Long Distance and Relay Championships 2024

Published: Mon 15 Apr 2024

Following hot on the heels of the JK, it was long trip north to Whitby for British Orienteering marquee events.  Whilst only 7 Saxons made the journey, Alison Howe snagged bronze in W50L, and Team Howe did one better getting silver in the Mixed Ad-Hoc Relay

The Long courses were only 10 minutes outside of Whitby at Mulgrave Castle. Slippery steep sided woodland and not insubstantial undergrowth made for challenging conditions. David Kingdon, scrambling up such a slope, arrived at the top to find that he no longer had his map. After sliding back down the hill and searching for 20 minutes, he valiantly completed the final 4 controls without his map! Holly Howe had also visibly battled with the conditions finishing her first British Long campaign on a Light Green course in just under 2 hours carrying a shoe! On her way to 3rd place, Alison had an argument with a small tree which managed to pull an earring out. After searching for precious seconds she moved on, but it could have been a costly pause losing 2nd place by only 8 seconds! Happily though, Alison & Brendon retraced her steps post race and after scrabbling around in several places, found the exact feisty tree, and miraculously found the earring! Phew! To top it off Alison was particularly pleased to meet Steve Cram, the President of British Orienteering who was presenting medals. Still a legend of Athletics!

Two Saxons relay teams completed on the Sunday relays at Hutton Mulgrave and Skelder Woods.  Sax'omatic 4000 comprising Alison, Brendon and Austin Howe, and Forever SAX comprising Peter, John Van Royen and David Kingdon.  

In an exciting Ad-Hoc relay Alison went out on the 1st leg and came back 1st giving the team every chance before handed over to Brendon.  In spite of a good run, Brendon handed over to Austin in an apparent 2nd place - however, as ad-hoc legs are mixed across the teams there was all to play for with the SYO team having completed the 2 shorter legs first, whereas SAX had completed the medium and long legs.  It was therefore a nail biting finish to see who would come into the finishing field 1st.  Austin powered down the finishing straight to hollering cheers from his team mates! SYO had just snatched the victory but only by 30 seconds, so a delighted Saxons team collected silver medals.  Brendon was so chuffed he went to bed wearing his!