Practice, practice, practice!Good turnout at Oldbury Hill Training Session

Published: Thu 5 Oct 2023

A dozen people attended the Training Session at Oldbury Hill on 1st October. The woods were in fine form, the weather was kind, and there were plenty of different drills for our budding athletes to get their teeth into. 

The Oldbury Hill session saw a mixture of novices, old hands and rusty rangers tackle the veritable smorgasbord of drills on offer. Despite the early 9am start we had a dozen in attendance. The novices were ably assisted by Austin Howe (supported by Holly Howe) using his South East Junior squad training to pass on valuable basic skills like map orientation, compass work, pacing and attack points.

The rusty rangers and old hands first had a refresher on pacing before working through their personalised session plan. Some were ready to refresh their intermediate O skills, such as fine bearings, traffic lights, and aiming off, whilst others focussed on more advanced skills like map memory, process flow and control pick. Some even tackled the contour only maps.

If you missed the session, but would like to improve your orienteering skills, do reach out to the Coaching team HERE As well as curating sessions such as Oldbury Hill, they are willing to sort out one-to-one sessions or remote learning opportunities to suit.