Pluckley Bike O Results

Tue 24 Jul 2018

Nineteen people turned up for the third bike photo O event of the summer

Richard Field and Brendon Howe/Cat Edwards visited 15 of the 23 controls in 2.5 hours. All 23 controls were visited at least once. 

Richard's route was C, F, B, G, K, Q, N, T, L, W, S, I, D, R, H – total distance covered (measured by Garmin) was 48.6 km with 350m climb. Richard says that having talked to Brendon after the event, he realised he could have done better by picking up controls U, M, V, A between C and F – missing out Q, L, W and adding P, so he could have done 17 controls in a shorter distance (the difference was less than 1km) and with only about 20m more climbing.


Pluckley Bike O results


The final event of the series is on 18 August.

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