Roles of committee members

Sat 21 Nov 2015

Responsibilities of Saxons Committee and Non-Committee Officers

Updated April 2017

This document outlines the responsibilities of each of the committee’s officers, together with those of non-committee officers.

There will be a permanent sub group for Fixtures and Mapping, chaired by the Fixtures Secretary, and a permanent sub group for Coaching, chaired by the Senior Coach.


Committee posts


Presides at meetings of the committee and at the AGM (and any EGM) of the club.
Responsible for strategic direction and development of the club. Guides and directs the club and other officers



Performs administrative roles

Reminds committee members of meetings
Arranges agenda for committee meetings
Receives and manages mail
Takes minutes at meetings (or delegates to another member) and issues a summary with action points after the meeting
Takes minutes at AGM (or delegates to another member)


Membership Secretary

Initial point of contact for new members
Updates the membership database

Produces membership list for circulation to members
Deals with BO over membership issues



Responsible to the committee for the orderly management of the club’s funds
Keeps formal accounts and ensures they are kept balanced
Pays subs and event levies to BO and to SEOA
Maintains the club’s equipment and liability insurance


Fixtures Secretary

Chairman of the Fixtures and Mapping sub group (see below)
Drafts the Saxons fixtures programme, avoiding or planning strategic clashes in order to maximise event participation in collaboration with the event Series Coordinators
Attends SEOA fixtures meetings to represent Saxons and to co-ordinate Saxons fixtures within the SEOA and BO calendar
Registers Saxons events with BO


Land Access Officer

Responsible for co-ordinating all contact with landowners, land managers etc
Negotiates access fees with landowners in discussion with other Fixtures and Mapping Sub Group members
Holds and maintains the club’s file of actual and potential event areas and details of owners/managers etc
Source of information on current fees, access agreements etc


Mapping Secretary

Manages Saxons land register
Drafts the club’s mapping programme (in liaison with members of the Fixtures and Mapping Sub Group) to provide maps that will be required by the club in 2-3 years time
Appoints the mapper for each mapping project
Appoints commercial surveyor if required
Ensures production timetable is adhered to
Disseminates current BO/IOF mapping issues and standards
Responsible for the club’s mapping software
Custodian of electronic map files and ensures version control
Maintains a list of surveyors and cartographers (both commercial and club members)
Arranges training in surveying techniques if required


Development Officer

Handles general publicity/PR of club’s activities
Responsible for maintenance of ‘Clubmark’ status
Co-ordinates work with schools and other groups



Fixtures and Mapping Sub Group

There is a permanent sub group for fixtures and mapping. This comprises the Fixtures Secretary, the Mapping Secretary, the Land Access Officer and the event Series coordinators. This group co-ordinates the venues and dates for Saxons events, and arranges mapping of areas for events


Coaching Group

There is a permanent training and coaching sub group, comprising the Training and Coaching Officer (Head Coach) and other qualified coaches. This group organises coaching for club members and decides when and if to offer coaching to external groups


Non committee posts

Training and Coaching Officer (Head Coach)

Ensures that club coaches are adequately trained
Takes responsibility for the club’s junior coaching sessions
Works with and includes other coaches and other adult helpers in the preparation and running of each session

Offers the club feedback on the organisation and degree of success of junior coaching and competitions
Assists (with Team Captain) in the selection of junior teams


Event Series Coordinators

Obtain planners, organisers and controllers for Saxons events as required
Are the main point of contact within the committee for event officers
Responsible for maintaining copies of the Organiser’s Manual, BO rules and guidelines, and BO and SEOA planning guidelines

Currently (2017) there are separate Fixtures Personnel Officers for Sunday Series Level C events, Kent Night Cup, Kent Orienteering League and Summer Series events


Publicity officer

E-mails updates of events to members via Mailchimp

​Advises the committee on the success (or not) of particular promotions

Keeps up to date with alternative methods of promoting events (e.g. Facebook, Twitter)
Produces copy for submission to local newspapers


SEOA Representative

​Attends SEOA committee meetings, represents Saxons opinions and reports to the committee


Equipment Officer(s)

Stores and maintains the SI electronic control boxes and flags and associated equipment

Stores general equipment
Is aware of the whereabouts of club equipment
Responsible for maintenance of equipment and identifying replacement needs
Co-ordinates the annual equipment stock take


Team Captain

Co-ordinates relay and other team event entries e.g. CompassSport Cup
Stores and maintains the club tent (used at away events only)
Provides a focal point (i.e. club tent and banner) at major events


Social Secretary

Arranges the club’s social programme in liaison with the general committee


Junior Coordinator

Welcomes new juniors to the club

Organises junior team selection for races
Provides updates for junior page on web site

Organises appropriate social activities for juniors


Volunteer Coordinator

Act as the main contact for all Volunteers.

Ensure volunteers receive training and support their development

Formulate up to date terms of reference for volunteer positions.


Welfare Officer

Ensures all junior activities are run to Clubmark standards.

Focal point for any junior welfare issues.



Compiles results of members performance
Produces information required to award prizes at the club BBQ event

Incumbent writes his own job description


SaxAlert Editor

Produces the club’s newsletter to regular schedule


Web master

Currently (2017) the website is managed externally; the nominated web contact person for the club, the Chairman and the Series Coordinators act as administrators and can edit the site and update information as necessary


Sax Sales

Orders clothing as required
Stores clothing until required
Responsible for annual stock take



Appointed at the club AGM to audit the club accounts

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