Saxons at S6D (aka S3D)!

Fri 6 Aug 2021

Notwithstanding the limited event days for participants, Saxons enjoyed the challenges of the Lochaber 2021 Scottish 6 Days.

Two events in with one to go, Lochaber has not disappointed. Both events challenging long distance with plenty of climbing, technical challenges, rocks and bracken, and with the weather, if you can believe it, mostly dry and somewhat sunny on occasion! The first event was at Arisaig with views over to Skye.  The courses were set in open moorland with plenty of crags and contour detail, and with many competitors facing exceptionally long early legs of 2-3 km on pathless terrain - a solitary broken fence acting as the only man made way point. Quite a baptism of fire!

The second event was set at Creag Dhubh, with all courses sending competitors off on a tough uphill section through an open birch woodland with some clearings and plenty of bracken. The terrain was very rough under foot with plenty of boulders and rock clusters. Long difficult contouring legs with limited or no catching features proved a real challenge for many particularly with the added bracken. 

Some good results for team Saxons over the first 2 days:

Arisaig - top 10 finishes for many, with top 5 for some: Holly Howe came 2nd on W10A, Simon Greenwood, 4th on M65S, Mark Glaisher, 4th on M70L, and Jeremy Oldershaw, 4th on M80. 

Creag Dhubh - more top 10 finishes too numerous to mention, but with best finishers being Simon Greenwood who was 1st on M65S, Mark Glaisher who was 2nd on M70L, and 3rd places for Roger Pring on M75S, Holly Howe on W10A, and Sarah Howes on W60L.  

For some Saxons though it was a first on such challenging terrain, and so kudos to all who have taken part and faced the terrain. A fantastic challenge!

Our final race day will be Saturday for a middle distance race!  Good luck all.

With more rest days, Saxons have also been exploring the highlands. Ben Nevis, Cow Hill, Aonoch Mor, Glenfinnan Viaduct , Steall Gorge, Camusdaragh Beach. The list goes on! 

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