Saxons at the World Masters, Latvia

Mon 15 Jul 2019

Riga was the centre of the action at this year's World Masters Orienteering Championships.

Making good use of the areas mapped for last year's Elite World Championships, the WMOC attracted 4,000 competitors this time, including Saxons Sarah Howes, Alan Hickling, Simon Blanchflower & Mark Glaisher.

There were orienteering opportunities on all 8 days, nevertheless the compact nature of the Championships (either in town or within 35km) meant there were some good sightseeing possibilities too.

Principal disciplines were Sprint (Old Town), Middle and Long Distance (forested sand dunes), with Model, Qualifying & Final rounds. Some commented that the forest venues were the best ever experienced, with the mature trees and lack of undergrowth making straight routes the quickest - if you could keep in touch with the contours!

An indoor competition, using 6 levels of a grandstand, was one of the more off-beat attractions (took me 31 mins. to complete a 2 minute leg!).

The whole week was very well organised, and enjoyed by all.

We'll bring the maps to the BBQ so you can see how you would have tackled the courses.

MG (Report & Photos)

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