Saxons Celebrate 50 years

Party and event results

Mon 12 Sep 2022

Special Saxons past and present event at Mardens Hill proved a real fun and physical challenge, (bracken and contours), but meant we all worked up a good appetite for the after party.

Mardens Hill is a newly mapped area of Ashdown forest, and Richard Field had very kindly offered to organise and plan our special half century birthday event.  The area was not without its challenges given the time of the year, and there was a lot of climb to contend with, but what a treat to run in a new area in the South East.  Members new and old turned up to compete on score and line courses from yellow to blue standard, and fun was had by all, even if the finish was all up hill!!!

Controls were swiftly collected before Saxons descended on Richards house for a well earned summer feast organised by Sam, with additional contributions from many Saxons.  Proceedings kicked off with a minutes silence in memory of the Queen, followed by a toast to our new King, and then an address by our Chairman Jean who introduced some of the original Saxons who had turned up to help us celebrate - thank you all for coming. 

Some of our youngest saxons made everyone feel tired as they ran round and around the gardens with never ending energy - but I think our club will be in safe hands going forward into the next 50 years.

No celebration would be complete without a cake - thank you Sarah for organising.  A masterpiece of carrot cake and fondant icing.


Marden's Hill Results:

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