Some challenging orienteering in N & Central Portugal

Saxons at 3 International Multi-day competitions

Tue 20 Feb 2018

This year several clubs in Portugal got together to host multi-day competitions on 3 consecutive weekends - a major undertaking which they managed very professionally. The events included Classic and Middle Distance (both Forest and Urban) and Street Night Sprints. Some were World Ranking Events, and the biggest competition attracted over 2000 competitors, including 100+ from GBR. On a couple of days the forest terrain was really fast, with the WRE Elite winner completing the 17km course in 68 minutes, 4mins/km!

Over the 11 events the best performances, from the two Saxons who went, were by Sarah Howes, including 2 Night Sprint wins. Some forest courses were really technical and physical: I spent 25+ minutes on a leg that should have taken 6! - but others had problems too, so I was only about halfway down the results.


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