Success at the Scottish 6 Day Event

We had two podium places!

Thu 10 Aug 2017

Austin Howe was first in M12B and Beryl Pring second in W70S in their first S6D appearances

14 members of Saxons travelled up to Royal Deeside for the 2017 Scottish 6 Day event.  We were really lucky  most of the time with the weather as the first three days we had sunshine with the showers coming later in the day.  Later on in the week the rain was a bit more persistent but we all managed to stay dry (well most of the time anyway). Terrain for the 6 days was pretty tough, with moss covered boulders making keeping your footing difficult and this slowed progress considerably for most, but not all of us.

Austin Howe won his first three races in M12B, then had a 4th, 2nd and a 3rd.  As only the 4 best  scores count for the overall placings at this multi-day event he came first.  Beryl Pring had a 1st, 2nd 3rd and 4th and came second overall in W70S.  We had three other top twenty finishers in their age classes, Alison Howe, Rowan Purkis and Simon Greenwood. 

Wednesday was a Rest Day so called but  the Howes and Prings had a go at the sprint event held in Ballater, with Alison coming  9th in her age category and  Brendon 17th in his, both admirable results with the talent that was around.  Austin came 10th in his age class.

Other members of the 'squad' had a more 'restful' rest day, with castle visits and bike rides on the agendas of some.

That evening most of the 'squad' trouped up to David Kingdon and family for a bbq – this is where the weather let us down as it rained the whole time and we have to thank Tom  (David’s son-in-law) for being outside most of the time doing the cooking whilst we were all inside keeping warm and enjoying a glass or two.

Overall this was a very enjoyable and sociable event.


Beryl Pring

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