Summer orienteering with Saxons

Mon 4 Jun 2018

This year we have extended summer into October and are planning a great series of events for you to enjoy whether you are new to the sport or a long standing club member.

For people who prefer to remain on their feet we will be running four mass start 'score' events suitable for all. Just visit as many controls (check points) as you can within a defined time limit. Even better we will be doing some coaching before each event for both beginners and improvers.

For those who prefer speed, we are running four bike O score events, in quiet country lanes, with a twist. See if you can identify the photo taken from each control site. In these events participants will be started a couple of minutes apart. 

For all events you can take part individually or as a group. Please note, for the bike events, juniors under 16 must be accompanied by an adult at all times and helmets are compulsory.

Details of all events are on the 'Events' page

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