Teething troubles with MaprunF

Wed 8 Jul 2020

Read about Heather and Tony's first experiences with MapRun below

It took Tony and I a while to download the app MaprunF. My problem was
that my phone kept telling me it was full up and couldn't accept another
photo, message or app. I knew how it felt but couldn't work out what to
do about it until after lockdown when my son and his wife arrived to
solve our problems. So with app installed Tony and I duly set out for
Mote Park. My phone played the tune and I was off like the wind only to
hear a plaintive cry from Tony as his phone was not playing the right
game. We fiddled around and then Tony decided to have a run anyway and
try again at home in the dry; why had we chosen the only rainy day?
Later Tony returned to Mote Park and for no discernable reaon this time
it worked.

Buoyed up by our success we tried Walderslade but this time it was my
phone that had me foxed. We set off together and I assumed the sound I
heard was my phone but it was Tony's so when I arrived at my first
control I pranced around , crossing the roads several times listening
for the magical call. Finally I looked at the box of tricks and it
hadn't even begun. So I had to return to the start and this time found
the signal spot and I was off.

I could tell you about the fun or otherwise we had with our technology
at Hemsted Forest Training run but I'll save that for another time.

Heather and Tony

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