Trail O Challenge; solutions and results

Have you ever tried Trail O?

Sun 26 Apr 2020

If you haven't had a go at this photo O competition, or didn't know where to start please check the solutions and then try again!

This competition was set by by Pertti Hartman & Jari Turto FIN. Jari has been an IOF Controller at World Trail O Championships and was TrailO World Champion (Open) in his home country, Finland, at Vuokatti.

The competition was first published in the Finnish Suunnistaja magazine and subsequently in CompassSport magazine. It imitates the timed controls of trail orienteering, where the map is oriented in the direction of view of the control. More information on trail orienteering can be found on the website of the International Orienteering Federation: -> Trail Orienteering.

Note that the map is already oriented. One and only one flag marks the feature located at the centre of the circle on the map and defined in the control description. The total height of the flag is one meter. All controls have five flags: A, B, C, D, and E. The A flag is the flag furthest to the left, and the E flag the one furthest to the right. Answer the question at each control by giving the letter of the right flag. The North arrow shows North and South on the map.

The maps used in this photo orienteering were provided by Keravan Urheilijat, Kokemäen Kova-Väki and Rasti-Nokia. The maps are sprint maps (1:5000, contour interval 2.5 m). Depending on the terrain, a small boulder is at minimum 1.0-1.3 m and a large boulder at minimum 2.5 m. The minimum height of mapped rock faces is 1 metre.

Thanks to Pertti Hartman, and Jari Turto and Nick Barrable of CompassSport for permission to use this competition on Saxons website.

The winner of the competition (with 12 out of 14 problems correct has produced comments on how he 'solved' the problems (see below). It looks like we all need more practise! There will be another Trail O photo O competition starting next weekend. Do check it out and lets get a larger turnout for this one.

Name Number correct

Tom Dobra

Mark Glaisher 10
Brendon Howe 9
Mike Solomon 8
Alan Hickling 7
Jean Fitzgerald 6
Richard Field 4

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How to solve the problems

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