What is currently happening in Saxons for Clubmark?

Sun 20 Sep 2015

Saxons is currently working towards Clubmark re-accreditation.  After acheiving Clubmark status in 2008,  it was re-accredited in 2012. We will be audited again in 2016.

What will Saxons be doing to get Clubmark again?
Together with other activities...
1. Heather and Jerry will be going on additional Clubmark Child Safety and Welfare courses.
2. We will be setting up a position on the committee of volunteer coordinator. How do we attract extra volunteers to help at our events? Do they need training? How are they rewarded or recognised?
3. A review of all the  club activities available for everyone. We have to provide a number of
 non competitive activity sessions available to all.
4. Creating a Club Development Plan.

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