Where are they: Answers & insight

Tue 7 Apr 2020

Something to ponder in this downtime. 

Can you identify these 3 areas that Saxons have mapped? 

These maps are from the early days of the club; all three areas have been used in the last 10 years, but the character of two of them has changed significantly.

The answers are:-

A: Pembury Walks (Northeast of Tunbridge Wells)

The map was ‘Surveyed by Chris Ingram, David Nixon (now SOC) and members of Saxons OC’ and drawn Feb 1981. Construction of the Pembury northern bypass in 1987 cut a swathe through the Walks, and made it difficult to use the two separate parts.


B: Badger’s Mount (Southeast of Orpington, by M25 Jct 4)

The map was produced by former Saxon Peter Billinghurst (assisted by Mike & Kay), resurveyed & drawn 1979. Construction of the M25 split the area into 2 parts in the early 1980s. Post-M25 it’s also been called Shoreham Woods.


C: Eartham Wood (between Petworth & Chichester)

This was a bit of a tricky one! Stane Street Roman Road (named on the map) crosses the area.

The map was produced for the JK77 Relays. ‘Survey 1976 by P Allan and a Saxon OC team’. Up until 1976 Saxons covered an area across to this part of West Sussex. Southdowns Orienteers came into being in Dec 1976 and it became one of their venues.


Steve Jarvis (SO) submitted answers (all correct) to the quiz, and as one of the surveyors and also the ‘forest team’ gave an interesting insight to the staging of the JK77 Relays:-


We had to build trestles (from prepared timber) at every control - from memory one to hang the kite from and another to mount all the pin punches from (with the number stuck on top so you couldn't see if it was your control until you were on top of it...).  With 106 controls we carried absolutely masses of wood all over that forest, and it was exhausting!  Once we'd built everything - probably 100 or more constructions, we got some "feedback" from (I think) the planner that the wretched trestles were too visible!!   So guess what, we then had to go back out into the forest and paint every single one light brown, in order that they'd blend in with the beech trees !!!   I remember it was raining and the paint was getting lighter and lighter as the day wore on as it became watered down! 


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