Women’s Institute Ladies turn out in force to Orienteer

Photo O Street Event in Gravesend

Sun 20 Aug 2017

124 WI ladies, family and friends took part in the Photo Orienteering walk in Gravesend on Sunday 13th August.

It was a great turn out consisting of walkers, strollers, joggers, and marchers but no true orienteers to show them how to really dash around the streets. The idea of photo O is to navigate to the control circle shown on the map and then decide which of a range of images given out at the start corresponds to what is visible from the circle.

The optimum route to visit all 20 locations was just over 5 miles so a real challenge for some to achieve in the 2 hours but everybody tried hard even though some used creative methods. Fortunately we had a team of two young things and a team of two strong marchers who admitted to breaking into a sweat and/or a jog to stay together as a team and reach every location.

It seemed that everybody in the 45 teams representing 26 WIs enjoyed the walk, reaching many if not all of the locations and correctly identifying many of the photos. By 3.15pm all the walkers had safely returned and were eating the ploughman’s meal and delicious cakes supplied by Istead Rise WI.

Will any of them join us at one of our events? Who knows, but it has brought the orienteering concept to a wider audience.

Heather Brown



If you haven't tried one of Heather's Photo O events yet watch out for them on the website. If you want to know more there are 'photo O' maps of Salisbury and Bristol produced by the local orienteering clubs

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